Client Database Description

Dry Pet Food Manufacture Textured Vegetable Protein Extrusion
Ready to Eat Breakfast Cereals Cereal Based Snacks
Aquatic Feeds Manufacture Snack Foods (Baked & / or Fried)
Fine Chemicals Herbicides & Agricultural Chemicals
Explosives Manufacture Pasta Processing (Fresh and Dried)
Stock Feeds Processing Confectionery Manufacture
Canned Pet Food Manufacture Dairy Foods and Snacks
Polymer Processing Herb Processing
Fruit Juice Processing Dry Cereals Processing and Milling
Oil Seed Processing Tomato Processing
Fruit Processing Poultry and Stock Feeds Processing
Industrial Ceramics Ethanol Production
Breads & Baked Goods Extruded Bread Crumbs
Vet Pharmaceuticals  

Australia (all States) Thailand New Zealand
India Japan Vietnam
Denmark Singapore China

Client Database Statistics  
Number of Clients
Number of Industries / Activities 31
Number of Countries 9